What is an operating Cycle?

An operating Cycle (OC) describes the days forced for a company to obtain inventoryInventoryInventory is a current asset account uncovered on the balance sheet,consisting of all raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished products that a, offer the inventory, and also collect cash indigenous the revenue of the inventory. This cycle dram a major role in determining the efficiency of a business.

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The OC formula is as follows:

Operating bicycle = Inventory period + account Receivable Period


inventory Period is the quantity of time inventory sits in storage until sold.Accounts receivable Period is the time it bring away to collection cash indigenous the sale of the inventory.

Uses of the operation Cycle Formula

Using the operation Cycle formula above:

The Inventory Period is calculated as follows:Inventory period = 365 / list Turnover

Where the formula for Inventory Turnover is:

Inventory sales = expense of goods Sold / mean Inventory

The Accounts union Period is calculated together follows:Accounts Receivable period = 365 / Receivables Turnover

Where the formula because that Receivables Turnover is:

Receivables turnover = credit transaction Sales / mean Accounts Receivable

Therefore, the in-depth formula because that OC is:


Sample Calculation

Calculating the OC v the data listed above:

Inventory Turnover: $8,500,000 / $2,900,000 = 2.931Inventory Period: 365 / 2.931 = 124.53Receivables Turnover: $13,000,000 / $2,025,000 = 6.419Accounts union Period: 365 / 6.419 = 56.862

Operating bicycle = 124.53 + 56.862 = 181.38 = 182 days

Importance of the operation Cycle

The OC offers an understanding into a company’s operation efficiency. A shorter cycle is preferred and also indicates a an ext efficient and successful business. A much shorter cycle indicates that a company is may be to recuperate its inventory invest quickly and possesses enough cash to satisfy obligations. If a company’s OC is long, the can produce cash flowCash FlowCash circulation (CF) is the boost or diminish in the lot of money a business, institution, or individual has. In finance, the term is used to describe the lot of cash (currency) that is generated or spend in a given time period. There room many types of CF problems.

A company can reduce its OC in two ways:

Speed increase the sale of the inventory: If a agency is able to conveniently sell its inventory, the OC should decrease.Reduce the time required to collection receivables: If a agency is may be to conveniently collect credit transaction sales an ext quickly, the OC would decrease.

Net operation Cycle (Cash Cycle) vs operation Cycle

The operation cycle (OC) is often puzzled with the net operation cycle (NOC). The NOC is also known as the cash conversion bike or cash cycle and also indicates just how long that takes a company to collection cash indigenous the revenue of inventory. To differentiate the two:

Operating Cycle: The size of time in between the purchase of inventory and the cash collected from the sale of inventory.Net operating Cycle:The size of time in between paying for inventory and the cash gathered from the sale of inventory.

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Additionally, the formula because that the NOC is as follows:

Net operation Cycle = Inventory duration + accounts Receivable period – accounts Payable Period

The difference between the 2 formulas lies in NOC individually the account payable period. This is done because the NOC is only involved with the time in between paying because that inventory to the cash built up from the revenue of inventory.

The complying with image illustrates the difference in between the cycles:

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