In our very first lesson, us will present the principle of marketing. Everyone has an expertise of what marketing is or what marketing can be. Prior to formally defining marketing, let’s take into consideration what we currently think marketing is. Exactly how would you define marketing?

Stop and Think Question: Quickly and also honestly, what is the an initial word that concerns your mind once you hear words "marketing"? Think around your answer prior to clicking to expose the most renowned answers.

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Here is the formal meaning of marketing:

Marketing is the activity of creating, communicating, delivering, and also exchanging offerings that advantage the organization, that stakeholders, and society at large.

Marketing concentrates on discovering and also satisfying prospective customers’ needs and wants. Over there are 4 requirements because that marketing to occur:

two or an ext parties with unsatisfied needsdesire and capacity to meet these needsa method for the next to communicatesomething to exchange

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Example:Suppose Mike has developed an unmet need. That is interested in learning about how computer an innovation is reshaping the workplace.The reality is thatComputer-Worldmagazine provides comprehensive research researches on computer use in the workplace. Mike is not aware of the magazine. He likewise is unaware the several copies ofComputer-Worldare located at the nearest bookstore.

Stop and also Think Question:The example over is an example of two parties through unmet needs. What room the 2 parties with unmet needs? Click reveal after you write your prize on a piece of paper.


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One party is Mike v a require for modern technology related information. The other party is the bookstore owner who requirements a customer to buy a copy that Computer-World.

Do these 2 parties have actually the desire and capability to meet their needs? because that Mike, his capability is related to the finances to buy the item and also the time to acquire to the bookstore. The store’s owner has actually the desire to market Computer-World and likewise the capacity to perform so, because it is stocked on the shelves.

Now, let’s think around a means for the parties to communicate since the marketing transaction of to buy a copy will never happen unless Mike knows that the product exists at the bookstore. One method for the parties to connect would be that Mike obtain a complimentary sample in the mail. Another way would be the he watch the newspaper on display in the bookstore. A way for the next to communicate is pertained to the proclaiming component that marketing.

The last necessity for marketing to occur is something to exchange. It is the money transaction in our example. Marketing occurs as soon as the transaction takes place and both the buyer and also seller exchange other of value. Both parties are far better off in ~ the end due to the fact that each one satisfied their unmet needs.

Social Marketing

Social marketingis draft to affect the action of individuals in whichbenefits accrue come those individuals or to culture in general and not come the marketer.

Social marketing focuses on improving social ends.


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Examples:anti-smoking projects by health and wellness Canadaearly detection ads by Canadian Cancer Society

Social marketing have the right to be carried out by for-profit and non-profitorganizations or through individuals. When your loved ones or friends suggest healthy food options to affect you to eat a healthy and balanced diet, this could likewise be considered as social marketing.

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Concept inspect Questions:

1. Marketing focuses on ____________________ prospective customers" needs and also wants.