Because food is made of proteins carbohydrate lipids permit s watch at protein polymers of aminoacids aminoacids room bound by covalent bonds lock share electrons to for, those protein so in stimulate to know food we have to understand the compound at every levels .

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honeybees space covered with tiny hairs. What function do you think the hairs execute as the bee travels native flower to flower​
It helps choose up the pollen, therefore that means they deserve to carry an ext and transfer it from flower come flower.Idk the it’ll do, however hope the helps!

1. Mass of 1 mole of raindrop: 301.10 x 10²⁰ kg

2. The number of moles the raindrops through the mass equal the the fixed of Pacific ocean: 0.02351 mol


A mole includes 6.02214076×10²³ or around 6.022 x 10²³ particles, the variety of 6.02214076×10²³ is called Avogadro"s number.

1. A mole that raindrop has 6.022×10²³ raindrops, therefore the fixed of 1 mole the raindrops is

M = 50 mg x 6.022 x 10²³ = 301.1 x 10²³ mg = 301.10 x 10²⁰ kg

2. The mass of the Pacific ocean is 7.08 x 10²⁰ kg, for this reason the moles of raindrop v the same mass is 0.02351 mol


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Draw the lewis framework of the hypochlorite ion clo- . Include lone pairs
Dmitry_Shevchenko <17>

Solution:- Hypochlorite ion

has actually one Cl and also one O atom. Cl has 7 valence electrons and also O has 6 valence electrons. Because there is one an unfavorable charge top top the ion,

total valence electrons = 7 + 6 +1 = 14

(note:- if there is negative charge climate it is added and if there is positive charge climate it is subtracted while calculating the valence electrons)

Both Cl and also O atoms wants to complete their octet and so for this we placed a solitary bond between them. Solitary bond method two electrons, so the continuing to be electrons would certainly be 14 - 2 = 12

It method 12 electrons will certainly be put as lone pair of electrons. To complete the octet, we placed 6 dots approximately each that the atom. Oxygen is an ext electron an adverse than Cl, therefore we show the -1 fee for oxygen.


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