Top Dvery own estimating is a job estimating approach whereby the as a whole task is estimated initially, and individual work are apportioned from it. You begin from the optimal of the pyramid and also occupational downwards.

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This form of task budgeting usually occurs once tright here is a fixed budobtain and/or the scope of the task have to fit within a preestablished funding level, particularly when projects aren’t blessed via the sources of King Tut’s immortality.

Top Down is the oppowebsite of Bottom Up Estimating, by which individual work are estimated first and “rolled up” right into the overall project estimate.


In top dvery own estimating, individual job estimates are just as accurate as the all at once job estimate they are obtained from. If the overall estimate is incorrect, nopoint, other than for possibly sacrifices to the sunlight god Ra, will certainly make the individual job approximates any kind of more specific. And because projects are normally tracked via individual jobs, this could bring about issues in the time of the project once individual jobs are incorrectly apportioned, even though the overall estimate is correct. This introduces a second level of hazard over Bottom Up Estimating, and also you’d be surprised exactly how quickly the mummies come out of their tombs once job approximates are inprecise.

Cost Estimating

In the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), tbelow are 3 estimating levels which are offered for individual tasks:

Three Point Estimating. This method requires the determicountry of an optimistic, pessimistic, and also most most likely estimate. The final approximated worth deserve to be derived utilizing either the triangular distribution:E = (a + m + b) / 3or the beta distribution:E = (a + 4m + b) / 6

E = Final estimated costa = Confident estimatem = Most Likely estimateb = Pessimistic estimate

It may seem favor hieroglyphs, yet 3 point estimating is an effective approach that takes right into account project dangers, and deserve to be used in conjunction through the various other 2.

These techniques use to individual jobs and also are part of the PMBOK’s Estimate Costs procedure. Once each job is approximated, the in its entirety task budgain is determined utilizing the Determine Budget process.

The Overall Project Budget

The Determine Budget procedure has the measures to roll up the individual job estimates right into an overall job budobtain. Top Dvery own Estimating is among two measures for this procedure. The various other one is:

Bottom Up Estimating is the determicountry of individual job approximates initially, adhered to by rolling up the task estimates into an in its entirety job estimate.

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Bottom Up Estimating is more prevalent, because Top Dvery own is mainly restricted to cases wright here a budget has been determined in breakthrough and the job manager have to determine the project scope that fits the budobtain. 

In conclusion, store the mummies in their burial places by using optimal down estimating to recognize job level approximates initially and also then apportioning it down to the individual task level estimates.