Which African financial initiative consists of 16 West afri members that promote local economic cooperation?


Before the U.S. Pulled the end of the agreement, which nation has notably been left out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?


All of the following are Asia-Pacific trade Blocs EXCEPT


To which African economic organization does south Africa belong?

Southern African development Community

Which of the following is not an company that governs the EU?

The human being Trade Organization

Once the euro was created, participating members increased control over their own residential money provides and, sometimes, budget policy.

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The _______ needs ______ members to limit their yearly government deficits to no much more than 3% that GDP.

Stability and also Growth Pact; Eurozone

All of the complying with are defect of involvement the Eurozone EXCEPT

Exchange-rate dangers are lower for service providers inside the Eurozone

Which the the complying with was an exception to the most-favored-nation status under the GATT?

Trade agreements promoting economic integration

Before the WTO was created, ____ governed worldwide trade.

the General agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Under the GATT, if the U.S. Lower its tariffs to country X, a emerging country, however required the common tariff for all various other countries, the U.S. Was most likely using the ________.

generalized device of preferences

What countries were granted the most-favored-nation status under the GATT?

GATT member countries

The greatest level of financial integration is

political union

Level of financial integration space (from high to low)

Political Union/Full Integration financial Union common Market customs Union totally free Trade Area*

In a(n) ________ members get rid of internal trade barriers, take on a usual external plan toward nonmembers, eliminate obstacles to the movement of the factors of production, and coordinate economic policies.

economic union

Which of the complying with has the lowest level of financial integration?

Free profession Area*

Which 2 countries kind the political and geostrategic core of MERCOSUR?

Argentina and also Brazil

Which nation is not a MERCOSUR member?

Ecuador & Chile

Which nation has benefited many from NAFTA?


After NAFTA to be signed, bilateral trade in goods between Mexico and also the U.S. Increased, while bilateral profession in services in between the two nations remained greatly flat.


A Canadian agency is assessing the family member wages, land-acquisition costs, and accessibility to R&D facilities before deciding to enter a new foreign market. This way that _____ is/are particularly important come the company’s choice of a mode of entry.

location advantages

________ advantages are benefits that make it preferable for a for sure to develop a good/service itself rather than contract out to one more firm to create it.


_______ room those that pull a certain into international markets as a an outcome of opportunities easily accessible there.

Proactive motivations

When brother Petroleum pearls crude oil native its storage facilities in Kuwait to its Australian subsidiary, ________ has occurred.

an intracorporate transfer

The much more productive and also efficient a firm is, the more likely it is to self-select right into exporting; however, as soon as a for sure starts exporting, that earns reduced profits and becomes less efficient than this firm that perform not export.


________ is the most common form of international organization activity.


According come the UNCTAD world Investment report, the bulk of greenfield FDI tasks are in the ____ sector.


Suppose Tesla, a U.S. Auto manufacturer, buys a manufacturing facility in Vietnam. I beg your pardon term ideal describes Tesla’s activities?

acquisition strategy

Which of the following is/are characteristic/s of international franchises?

All the these: they use created products and also systems They often have some versatility to fulfill local tastes lock are fairly low-cost and low-risk

Burger King has developed a franchise agreement with an separation, personal, instance in Tokyo. Citizens King will many likely administer the Japanese franchisee with all of the following except ________.

financial capital

Carmichael Candies, a U.S. Firm, is considering the idea of beginning the EU sector through an worldwide franchising agreement. What is the MAIN benefit to Carmichael if the firm choose this entry method?

avoidance that tariffs

Licensing has tendency to work well in industries where pundit property defense is lax.


Mattel manufactures Barbie dolls. Mattel offers specifications of the dolls’ dimension to accessories manufacturers, that make clothes, shoes, and jewelry because that the dolls. The accessories an equipment pays a fee to Mattel come manufacture those items. What mode of entrance is described in this example?


Which mode of industry entry is not recommended in countries with weak pundit property legislations and/or lax enforcement of those laws?


All of the adhering to are measures in assessing different foreign sectors EXCEPT

Analyze CEO preferences

To evaluate industry potential, girlfriend would use data on all of the adhering to EXCEPT

government elections

_______ deserve to be offered to determine all at once potential growth and also future business opportunities in a market.

Demographic data

Suppose Pentax establishes a brand-new photo editing and enhancing software and also negotiates agreements with a Vietnamese manufacturer to assemble most Pentax cameras. I m sorry entry mode for international organization is Pentax utilizing?

contract manufacturing

All that the following are advantages of contract production EXCEPT

loss the control

Marriott international Inc., provides a little hotel in Bordeaux, France, v assistance and also reservation solutions for one agreed period of time and also price. Marriott and also the hotel have actually a

management contract

Executives in ~ Bantam Bicycles realize that the for sure lacks the important internal sources to contend internationally. Which of the adhering to would many likely permit Bantam to complete in the worldwide market?

strategic alliance

Boeing collaborated in a strategic alliance with Fuji, Mitsubishi, and also Kawasaki in the breakthrough and manufacturing of the Boeing 777 to minimize Boeing’s financial exposure. What benefit of strategic alliances was Boeing seeking?

shared risk

Boeing collaborated in a strategy alliance v Siemens in the advance and manufacturing of power solutions because that the U.S. Military to take advantage of Siemens’ technology. What advantage of strategic partnerships was Boeing most likely seeking?

shared knowledge

When 2 or much more firms incorporate different operating actions to lug goods and/or solutions to the market, a _____ alliance has actually been formed.


A(n) _____ alliance occurs when partners share the costs of pass a good or business to the market.


When 2 or more firms integrate different operating measures along the chain of advance and manufacturing to bring goods and/or solutions to the market, a _____ alliance has been formed.


Suppose pharmaceutical suppliers Roche and also Pfizer produce a joint venture that totally integrates all initiatives necessary come compete against rival GlaxoSmithKline in the Chinese pharmaceutical market. This is an instance of a(n) _______ alliance.


A joint undertaking is a new business reality that is legit separate and distinct from its parent companies.


General Mills and Nestlé created a joint venture that completely integrated all the efforts necessary to compete versus Kellogg in the European cereal market. This is an instance of a(n) ________ alliance.


The Japanese agency Bandai and the U.S. Toymaker Mattel entered into a strategy alliance. Bandai agreed to distribution Mattel assets like Barbie dolls in Japan if Mattel agreed to distribute strength Rangers in Latin America. What kind of alliance is this?


In a(n) ______ arrangement, one companion in a JV assumes primary responsibility for to run it.


There room three ideologies to controlling a JV:

1) starting firms share administration jointly

2) One founder takes primary responsibility

3) An live independence team manages the JV

Which method is most frequently preferred, and why?

3, due to the fact that the independent team is focused on the success that the JV quite than that parents

A public/private joint venture works ideal in nations with high levels of political instability.


Most joint ventures take the form of a corporation due to the fact that corporations

offer a beneficial tax structure

Which of the complying with is no a potential benefit of a strategic alliance?

possible loss of autonomy

What is the key reason the strategic partnerships fail?

partner incompatibility

Which that the complying with is an example of an alliance the failed due to partner incompatibility?


To evaluate the loved one safeness of an alliance, companies have to analyze all of the complying with EXCEPT

The alliance’s discovering potential

When 2 or much more firms manufacture products or provide services in common or usual facilities, this is recognized as a

Production alliance

Micron Technology, Intel, Samsung, Hyundai, and also Siemens have formed an alliance to construct the next generation of theatre chips. This an instance of what kind of alliance?

research and development

The extent of product customization different according to all the following determinants EXCEPT

Generic brands

The degree of product customization different according to every the complying with factors

Economic components Legal pressures Target customers social influences

Which that the following assets is least likely to it is in customized?


The extent of product customization varies according to all the following factors EXCEPT

target governments

Which that the complying with is no a social influence on products?


Cultural influence on products:

ingredients language packaging

Which that the following assets is most likely to be customized?


Coca-Cola’s proclaiming strategy has been an global success because

It mixes worldwide brand recognition with an understanding of local markets

Which that the adhering to comprises specialized marketing initiatives such together coupons, in-store promotions, sampling, direct-mail campaigns, participating advertising, and also trade fair attendance?

sales promotion

Which classification of promotion enables close contact with the customer but is expensive and also reaches customers only within a little region?

personal selling

According to the chapter 16-17 lecture, promotion encompasses all of the following components EXCEPT

group selling

According come the chapter 16-17 lecture, promotion encompasses all of the following components

Advertising Public connections Sales promotion

Proctor & gambling is entering a new market and also determines the the country has a high illiteracy rate. Provided this information, which medium should P&G stop using for its proclaiming campaign?


All the the following are international distribution strategies EXCEPT

Foreign-country methods

All of the adhering to are international distribution strategies

Home-country methods Joint endeavors Local-market systems foreign distributor

The distribution channel of the shortest size is

Direct sales

The procedure of getting commodities and/or services from this firm to consumers is known as


The distribution channel through the longest length is

sell to wholesaler

According to the chapter 16-17 lecture, every one of the following are international circulation strategies EXCEPT

domestic distributor

All that the adhering to are monitoring considerations specific to international company operations EXCEPT

price planning

Services have all of the following characteristics EXCEPT

They don’t have associated products

Services have all of the adhering to characteristics

They have associated products They room nonstorable They space intangible They need customer participation

Services different from goods since they

are intangible

The function of government in global services trade might include all of the following EXCEPT

requiring solutions to be intangible and also nonstorable

All that the complying with are features of international services EXCEPT

They don’t call for customer participation

Which of the complying with is an instance of an financial union?


Which the the complying with is a disadvantage of economic integration?

increased competition might hurt less competitive neighborhood firms

Which Asia-Pacific trade bloc is known as among the world’s many successful free-trade agreements?

Australia-New new zealand Closer economic Relations trade Agreement

All of the following are African economic initiatives EXCEPT

African Union

Which the the following describes the difference in between reactive and also proactive motivations for exporting?

Reactive motivations stem indigenous decreased opportunities in a market, whereas proactive motivations stem from opportunities accessible in a market

According come the thing 12 lecture, when assessing a country’s economic market potential, examine all of the adhering to EXCEPT

laws and also regulations

Bechtel worldwide Inc., designs, constructs, and also equips a large resort in Bordeaux, France, for Marriott international Inc. This is a

turnkey project

A Canadian company is examining the prices of negotiating, monitoring, and also enforcing the provisions of a production covenant with a company in a new foreign market. This way that _____ is/are specifically important come the company’s selection of a mode of entry.

internalization advantages

Suppose that firm X’s restaurant has actually been successful in the joined States. Agency X desires to get in the German sector without far-ranging commitment the financial and also managerial resources. Together with reduced costs and risks, company X desires to obtain a fee for the usage of the trademark and operating systems. Based upon this information, agency X need to entry Germany via

International franchising

Comtex, a U.S. Clock manufacturer, recently constructed a new production basic in Bangladesh. Which term finest describes the activities of Comtex?

greenfield strategy

A special type of joint undertaking that entails a partnership in between a privately own firm and also a federal government is known as a(n)

public-private venture

A Japanese computer system manufacturer sells laptop computers to American retailer ideal Buy. The manufacturer has engaged in

direct exporting

A Canadian firm is examining the expenses of negotiating, monitoring, and also enforcing the provisions of a production commitment with a company in a brand-new foreign market. This method that _____ is/are specifically important come the company’s an option of a setting of entry.

internalization advantages

The nation that has reaped the most financial benefits indigenous NAFTA member is


Which of the adhering to is a disadvantage of economic integration?

increased competition may hurt much less competitive regional firms

There is _____ correlation between increasing GATT/WTO membership and also increasing global trade flows.

a positive

Which that the complying with was created in 1993?

The euro

Which of the adhering to is not an company that governs the EU?

The european Court of human being Rights options: The board of directors of the european Union The europe Parliament The european Court of person Rights The europe Council

Which that the complying with is a trade bloc in the Asia-Pacific region?


The Pacific Alliance has actually removed tariffs ~ above _____ the members’ goods trade.


All the the complying with would be taken into consideration services (as protest to goods) EXCEPT


Which the the complying with is/are monitoring consideration/s details to international company operations?

location planning capacity planning work scheduling **all the these

Gator, Inc., to produce painted, life-size bronze alligators. These alligators have actually recently become very popular in the U.K. If the company prioritizes cost minimization, the will select _______. If that prioritizes the minimization the the order cycle time, it will select ________.

ship distribution; airplane distribution

Which distribution channel is the longest?

sell come wholesalers

The success that Coke’s international advertising strategy is due greatly to

its ability to develop ads that resonate globally and locally in ~ the same time

According come the thing 16-17 lecture, the extent of product customization different according to every the following components EXCEPT

brand names

Call centers are an instance of

business procedure outsourcing

Suppose your firm is make the efforts to determine which industries will administer it through the best avenues for future potential growth. Data ~ above _______ is most likely to provide that information.

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demographic trends

Suppose the KIA, a South korean auto company, opens up a brand-new manufacturing tree in Florida. This is an instance of ______.