To the inexperienced, a product redesign can seem like a simpler possibility than designing a brand-new product.

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But if you definitely have a lot of of advantages on her side as soon as it pertains to redesigning over developing a brand-new design, this late is to misunderstand the challenge.

While the is true that when you room redesigning you are starting from a much much more informed and stable base, working through an existing product and an present user base has actually its own certain challenges.

Let’s investigate specifically what those obstacles are by going through the redesign process stage through stage, indigenous the company case and also user research to the final style launch.

1- making the instance for a Product Redesign

Just like once you are creating a new product as soon as you room looking to redesign a product, you require a solid business case to justify the project.

In some ways, the is less complicated to do the service case for a redesign 보다 a new product, as the industry has already been proven come exist, and also therefore represents less risk. However that doesn’t average that that is easy to secure the resources and also support the you have to see that task realized.

In some circumstances, the strength holding the purse strings might think that it is not a priority to more invest in a successful product. Therefore you need to make the case for why a redesign will carry out a an important return on investment.

There is additionally a sentiment factor.

Sometimes, world don’t want to check out changes do to your favorite products.

The organization case because that a product redesign demands to be something real, and something that both the product owners and product users can acquire to grips v (users don’t often tend to like change any an ext than owners, especially change for change’s sake).

Be clear about the driving force behind the change:

Clear user problems that you deserve to evidence;Technological breakthroughs that deserve to enhance your product in a means that meets real user needs and wants;Key functions that rivals are offering but you are missing;Dropping profits that the redesign deserve to address;Changes in government regulations;Potential to increase into brand-new markets;A must align with brand-new organizational branding.

The business case for a redesign should constantly be more than just “it’s time”, or “it’s feeling a tiny stale”. If you room going to invest sources in a redesign, you require to have a case for the return ~ above investment.


4- The Same, just Better

Products that have to be redesigned do not generally need come be completely reinvented.

Popular commodities that need redesign must be recognizably the same, only better. It is command to keep this principle throughout the redesign process.

All the vital features that customers love uneven they have been the topic of a significant overhaul, must be where world expect lock and role very similarly. Users should never it is in left struggling to find and also use what castle loved about an currently product.

Seamlessly transitioning data and also personalization preferences from one version of the product to another should likewise be a priority. Nothing annoys client more and makes them an ext likely to give up a product than having actually to reenter their data.

5- Launch

While a redesign may not require the exact same kind of heavy marketing as launching a brand-new product, it needs to be done with care and also finesse.

Redesigns are meant come improve products for users, but users do not always like the idea of changes to their favorite products, or the idea of having actually to relearn to usage their favorite tools.

Handled badly, you deserve to alienate and also lose users. Taken on well, and also a redesign launch is an chance to re-engage users, getting them come invest further, and maybe also recommend your product to others, increasing her user base.

In stimulate to do a launch successful, that is a an excellent idea to start with a soft launch, release the product to wanted users come test prior to you relax it to the ar as a whole.

It is easier to control the expectation of early on adopters when they are conscious that they space using a beta variation of the product. As lengthy as the troubles they recognize are addressed, lock are really likely to be happy through the final product when it comes to the full market.

6- Onboarding

When it comes to a full launch, the most vital factor to think about is user onboarding.

How room you going to draw users’ attention to brand-new features and also show them how to use them in a method that is quick, informative, and also never patronizing.

Importantly, the crucial message the users must receive once they space informed about a redesign is the it is the same product, just better, and what details benefits for them. In the notice message, you must highlight the one or two most attractive benefits: offline access, safer data, much better tagging, enhanced search, everything it is.

The product tour have to then take it users straight to the most vital features that they want to know about. Assist and additional tutorials must be visible and easily accessible for all customers to assist smooth the transition.

Creating, managing, and updating a user onboarding insource is an extra obligation for the breakthrough team and also requires time and resources come provide good results.

You can liberate yourself and also your developer from this load by do the efforts a no-code user onboarding tool, like, which come with plenty of features and detailed analytics.

Try for totally free today.

All the same ethics for good user onboarding for new products must be applied when tacking a redesign. Check out our overview on just how to framework a effective User Onboarding Experience.

It is likewise important to make certain that the transition period for individuals is flexible.

If who is relying on a product to complete important work, they room unlikely to desire to be forced to gain to grips through a brand-new redesign in the middle of an important run the work. It is far better that they have actually a window of time that allows them to select when the changes become live because that them, so they have the right to learn the new product in ~ a time the is convenient.

If you are working with more complicated products or far-reaching functional changes, it can be highly helpful to allow people to toggle in between the brand-new and existing version of the product because that a duration of time, so that they never feel choose their job-related is disrupted by the product redesign.

7- save Updating

The last thing to remember is the the beginning of a redesign is not the end of the road.

It is often when new features are introduced that new problems and also possibilities are revealed. So relaunch is not the moment to take it a break, that is the moment to start paying an ext attention.

It is really likely that you will recognize some tweaks and minor improvements that will must be released as updates in the close to future. The work is never done.

Frequently inquiry Questions

✏️ What is Product Redesign?

Product Redesign describes re-creating a product or making significant changes to it that alters the user experience.

⌛️ When need to I start considering redesigning a product?

If you have actually data that your product’s value will rise when you make the essential changes, a product redesign is acceptable.

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❓ What need to I prioritize as soon as redesigning a product?

You need to focus on quickly onboarding the individuals after the beginning of the redesign so that they can get back on monitor without shedding their interests.