In spite of disruptions brought about by Covid-19, New York City public college students rose to the difficulties of remote learning and also created artworks in an outstanding range of topic, media, and create. A wealthy selection of these works will certainly be on display screen at P.S. Art 2021, the annual exhibition arranged by the New York City Department of Education (DOE) in partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Studio in a School NYC. The exhilittle, featuring functions from students in pre-K through 12th grade, is consisted of of 153 illustrations, paintings, prints, colleras, sculptures, photographs and also digital functions. It will be on view at The Met’s Uris Center beginning June 17.

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Studio NYC plays a crucial role in P.S. Art each year, co-facilitating the selection process, collecting and also documenting all subobjectives, and preparing artfunctions for the exhibition. Together via the DOE, we nominate and also convene the selection panel—a team of specialists with expertise in fine arts and arts education.


The P.S. Art 2019 selection panel convened at Studio in a School NYC to observe and talk about students’ submissions. Artfunctions are reregarded by ‘grade bands’: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. From left: Daniel Kershaw, guest juror – artist Fred Wilson, Barbara Gurr, Agnes Gund; (back row) Karen Rosner (not a juror), Marlene Graham, Tom Cahill. Picture by Elsa Ruiz.

Selecting art for the exhibition is no tiny feat. In previous years, jurors would gather in person to view and also discuss the submissions, but Covid-19 limitations relocated the process digital, eliminating reviewers’ capability to endure products and also range firsthand. For 2021, Studio NYC invited earlier five jurors from previous years: Tom Cahill, President, Studio Institute; Marlene Graham, Program Manager, Education, International Center of Photography; Agnes Gund, Founder of Studio in a School Association and President Emerita, Museum of Modern Art; Daniel Kershaw, Exhibition Design Manager, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and also Anne Strauss, independent curator and also art consultant. Two new jurors joined the selection panel, Alison Scott-Williams, President of Studio NYC, and Maria Palma, Executive Director of the DOE Office of Arts and also Special Projects.


The P.S. Art 2021 selection panel: (optimal left) Agnes Gund, Founder of Studio in a School Association and also President Emerita, Museum of Modern Art (photograph by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders); Titus Kaphar, artist, founder of NXTHVN (photograph by Merik Goma); Anne Strauss, independent curator and art consultant; Daniel Kershaw, Exhibition Design Manager, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Marlene Graham, Program Manager, Education, International Center of Photography; Maria Palma, Executive Director, DOE Office of Arts and also Special Projects; Alikid Scott-Williams, President, Studio NYC; and also Tom Cahill, President, Studio Institute.

Studio NYC invites a renowned artist to serve as a guest juror every year. Previous guests have had sculptor Ursula von Rydingsvard (2020) and also multidisciplinary artist and also native New Yorker Fred Wilson (2019). We were thrilled that Titus Kaphar, a 2018 MacArthur Other, accepted our invitation to join the P.S. Art 2021 jury. His paintings, sculptures, and installations confront background, difficult the standing quo and also catching unpredictabilities of our time. Kaphar commented, “I was honored to be selected by Studio NYC as a juror for this year’s P.S. Art exhibition. I couldn’t think exactly how many type of submissions we received—each was imaginative, thoughtful, and also sincere.”

The 2020-2021 institution year was very challenging as students operated via restricted resources and also products and also with a mix of in-perchild and remote discovering. Yet, the open up speak to for P.S. Art 2021 drew 782 works, via a far-ranging rise in digital art and also photography submissions compared via previous years. In enhancement, there was unmatched turnout from 12th graders both in quality and also quantity because older students are capable of creating art via less oversight than younger students.

The field was narrowed to 289 pieces, via the selection panel selecting the final 153 functions, 25 more than last year.

For the jury of P.S. Art 2021, reviewing nearly 300 student artfunctions verified gratifying. Maria Palma sassist, “While I am not a visual artist myself, I am many definitely an assessment ‘geek’ and am always in wonder of the influence of a fertile feedago tool and critique procedure. The holistic rubric and whole P.S. Art 2021 review of job-related was truly an epiphany! To have the ability to see the varied job-related by grade level, assess the unique merits of each work, and make what one can just hope was a discernment from among the talented entries was a very gratifying and satisfying suffer.”

Kaphar commented, “I believe that imagination is the wellspring of innovative solution to the world’s best obstacles and also that it is only through creativity and creative thinking that we will respecify the future of ourselves, our neighborhoods, and our world. Studio NYC, the DOE Office of Arts and Special Projects, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art are leaders in youth arts programming, and administer a model for just how we can support our next generation of artistic thinkers, and truly invest in a better future.”


In enhancement to our ongoing engagement in shaping the P.S. Art exhibition, yearly Studio NYC offers Excellence in the Arts Awards to graduating high college seniors with the greatest scores whose occupational is featured in exhibition. This year, 27 students—a document number—will certainly receive $1,000 each for college, art offers, or various other activities that will certainly better their development as artists and also scholars. The awards are one more instance of Studio NYC’s ongoing commitment to nurture creativity in students in New York City public schools.

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P.S. Art 2021 team at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. From left: Dan Kershaw, Exhibition Design Manager (MET), Karen Rosner, Director of Visual Arts (DOE), Amber Lodman, Arts Program Manager (DOE), Yessica Manan, Assistant Manager, Venue Operations and also Audience Services (MET), Saul Chernick, Director, Professional Advancement (Studio NYC).