______ to represent funds obtained for major purchases that will be repaid a year or longer. A. Short-lived FinancingB. Heritage FundingC. Liability FundingD. Permanent Financing

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Lancer Wholesale company wants to enhance cash flow detailed by account receivable collections. I m sorry of the adhering to strategies would be most likely to aid Lancer achieve this objective?A. Be safe its credit plan for brand-new customersB. Offering cash discounts to buyers that pay your accounts promptlyC. Agree IOU"s native customers that buy in huge quantitiesD. Offering extended payment plans for qualified buyers
With plants to construct a $50 million design template park, Lakeview enterprises intends come finance this project through the sale of additional shares of ownership in your company. Selling brand-new shares of stock represents ________ financing.A. RetainedB. DebtC. Early OfferingD. Equity
By take out loan $10 million native the very first Dayton Bank, Ohio industries utilizes. A. Same FinancingB. Debt FinancingC. Liability FundingD. Asset Funding
Which of the complying with presents one effective technique to improve cash management?A. Speed up cash payments and slow down cash collectionsB. Speed up cash collegtions and also slow under cash paymentsC. Rate up both collections and payments that cashD. Sluggish down both the payment and also collections of cash.
Which of the following represents a funding expenditure?A. Issuing paychecks to workersB. Paying for advertising on a regional radio stationC. Purchase raw products to be supplied in the production a firm"s productD. Purchase a structure to be supplied for office space
The many widely used resource of short-term funding ________A. Trade CreditB. Line of CreditC. Factoring accounts receiveableD. Advertisement finance companies
Many providers offer 2 times of stock issues:A. Common and also preferred stockB. Covertible and superior stockC. Fixed and also variable stockD. Common and superior stock




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