Which direction does air flow within a cyclone?a.Air rises.b.Air sinks.c.Air operation laterally.d.Air walk not move in a cyclone.

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How walk a heat front form?a.Warm air i do not care caught between cold waiting masses.b.Two wait masses meet and also stay separated.c.Warm waiting moves over cold air and also replaces it.d.Cold air moves under warm air and pushes the up.
A continental polar air mass creates ina.the Pacific Ocean.c.the Gulf of Mexico.b.northern Canada.d.the desert Southwest.
Which describes both cyclones and anticyclones?a.Both produce wet, stormy weather. B.Both are measured by transforms in wait pressure.c. Both relocate air in an increase direction.d.Both take place at the very same time in the exact same location.
Which that the following describes an air mass v the prize cT?a.it is a cold waiting mass end an oceanc.it is a warm air mass over an oceanb.it is a heat air mass end a continentd.it is a cold air mass over a continent
What reasons changes in weather?a.Air masses move and meet.c.Water evaporates.b.The waiting gets an ext humid.d.Clouds form.
What kind of weather does a stationary former bring?a.drizzly rain complied with by clean weatherc.many work of cloudy, wet weatherb.severe stormsd.cold, dried weather
What sort of weather would an anticyclone most likely bring?a.stormyc.dry and also clearb.cool and also wetd.changeable
An area in the setting that has actually lower pressure than the neighboring areas and has winds the spiral toward the center.

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Which of the following statements describes an anticyclone?a.It is an area of low pressure.b.It is an area that high pressure.c.It has air masses that meet and also rise.d.It moves in the direction that the Earth"s rotation.