Most ERP software program implementations totally achieve smooth integration.ERP software program packages space themselves combine of seperate applications because that manufacturing, materials, resource planning, general ledger, person resources, procurement and order entry.Integration that ERP systems can be accomplished in just one way.An ERP package enforced uniformly throughout an enterprise is most likely to contain very flexible relations to allow charges and also software variations.

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Option 2 : ERP software packages space themselves combinations of seperate applications for manufacturing, materials, resource planning, general ledger, person resources, procurement and order entry.
The exactly answer is "option 2".


ERP which stands for Enterprise source Planning is a software offered by establishments for business activities like:

Project managementRisk management & complianceSupply chain operationsAccounting

ERP is offered to store an important knowledge that is provided to make decisions that improve the organization's performance.

ERP packages room designed & supplied to integrate numerous functional areas of company like finance, person resources, etc.

Hence, ERP software packages are themselves combine of different applications because that manufacturing, materials, source planning etc.

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