Which among the adhering to is no an presumption of CVP analysis?All expenses are change costs.All units created are sold.The habits of costs and also revenues are direct within the appropriate range.Sales mix remains constant.

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Which of the complying with would not be one acceptable means to express contribution margin?Sales minus unit costs.Unit selling price minus unit change costs.Sales minus change costs.Unit contribution margin divided by unit selling price
The relevant variety of activity refers come the:activity level where all prices are curvilinear.levels of activity over i beg your pardon the agency expects come operate.geographical areas where the agency plans come operate.level of activity where all prices are constant.
If a firm rises its activity level,:costs have to remain the same.most costs will rise.no expenses will stay the same.some prices will change, others will stay the same.
The equation which shows a CVP income statement is:Sales = price of items sold + Operating prices + net income.Sales + Fixed expenses = Variable expenses + net income.Sales - Variable expenses + Fixed costs = net income.Sales - Variable expenses - Fixed costs = network income.

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Required sales in dollars to meet a target net income is computed by dividing:total prices plus target net income by donation margin ratio.variable costs plus target net income by unit donation margin.fixed prices plus target net earnings by unit donation margin.fixed expenses plus target net revenue by donation margin ratio.