in any type of particular​ year, the level the GDP is determined mainly by the level of aggregate expenditure.

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Can us tell from this info whether aggregate expenditure was higher or lower than GDP during this​ quarter? If​ not, what other details do we​ need?
What is the result on​ inventories, GDP, and employment when aggregate expenditure​ (total spending) exceeds​ GDP?
total spending equals total production.B.aggregate expenditure equals spending equates to GDP.D.aggregate expenditure equals full production.
increases family wealth which consequently increases consumption and also leads come an upward transition of the intake function.
An boost in the growth rate that GDP in the BRIC nations​ (Brazil, Russia,​ India, and​ China) will
A larger multiplier way that small changes in spending lead to big changes in​ GDP, and also thus recessions would certainly be an ext severe.
aggregate demand shows the relationship between the price level and the level of aggregate expenditure as soon as all other components that influence aggregate expenditure room held​ constant; accumulation expenditure is a point on the aggregate demand curve in ~ a details price.
When the price level rises native 104 to​ 124, real GDP falls from​ $5 sunshine to​ $4 trillion. What is a possible explanation for this​ event?
Fiat money has actually no value except as​ money, vice versa, commodity money has value independent of its usage as money.
a. The coins in your pocket.b. The funds in your checking account.c. The funds in your savings account.d. The​ traveler"s inspect that you have left over from a trip.e. Your Citibank Platinum MasterCard.Which that the things over are NOT included in the M1 an interpretation of the money​ supply?
Suppose you decision to withdraw​ $100 in cash from your checking account. Which among the following choices accurately mirrors the result of this transaction ~ above your​ bank"s balance sheet.
Your​ bank"s balance sheet reflects a to decrease in to make reservation by​ $100 and also a diminish in store by​ $100.

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When there is boost in checking account​ deposits, banks gain reserves and also make new​ loans, and also the money it is provided expands.