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Transcribed image text: 3) Which statement around Co2 is false? Its concentration in the blood is lessened by hyperventilation. B) Its accumulation in the blood is connected through a decrease in ph. C) Co2 concentrations are higher in venous blood than arterial blood fore CO2 dissolves in the blood plasma than is lugged in the RBC 4) Regulatory or Suppressor T cells A) may attribute in staying clear of autoimmune reactions and preven B) decrease their task as antigenic stimulus decreases C) are the many thoroughly construed T cells D) release cytokines that rise the activity of cytotoxic T cells and also caused B cells t over energetic immune res po 5) Which of the adhering to is not true of the respiratory tract from the medium bronchi to the alveoli? -A) Lining of the tubes transforms from ciliated columnar to simple squamous epithelium in the alveoli. B) Cartilage gradually decreases and also disshows up at the bronchioles. C) Proportionally, smooth muscle decreases uniformly D) Resistance to air circulation increases due to the rise in cross-sectional diameter 6) Which respiratory-associated muscles would certainly contract if you were to forcibly blow up a balloon? A) internal intercostals and also abdominal muscles would certainly contract B) exterior intercostals would certainly contract and diaphragm would relax C) diaphragm would contract, external intercostals would relax D) diaphragm contracts, interior intercostals would certainly relax 7) B lymphocytes construct immunocompetence in the marrowB) thymus C) lymph nodes D) spleen 8) With the Bohr impact, more oxygen is released in tconcerns because A) a rise in pH (alkalosis) strengthens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond B) an increase in pH (alkalosis) weakens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond C) a decrease in pH (acidosis) strengthens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond D) a decrease in pH (acidosis) weakens the hemoglobin-oxygen bond 9) Select the correct statement concerning blood cell formation. A) Yellow marrowhead is the primary website of leukocyte development.

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B) The major sites of blood cell prodion in adults are the spleen and the liver. C Red marrow is the major website of biood cell formation throughout adult life D) Before the seventh month of fetal development, yellow marrowhead is the major site of blood cell formation marroW I