Which pair that statements best compares the roles of martin Luther and John Calvin in the Reformation?Martin Luther"s objections of the Catholic Church sparked the Reformation; man Calvin created a brand-new denomination that promoted good works.John Calvin"s criticisms of the Catholic Church sparked the Reformation; martin Luther developed a new denomination the promoted great works.Martin Luther damaged from the Catholic Church end an annulment; john Calvin translated the bible into English and started the Church of England.John Calvin broke from the Catholic Church end an annulment; young name Luther analyzed the holy bible into English and started the Church that England.

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Martin Luther"s objections of the Catholic Church sparked the Reformation; john Calvin developed a brand-new denomination the promoted great works.
Which statement ideal describes the publication of usual Prayer?The book of usual Prayer to be a paper that created a number of brand-new denominations.The book of typical Prayer was a perform of difficulties that criticize the Catholic Church.The publication of common Prayer was a arsenal of rituals and ceremonies offered in the Church that England.The book of typical Prayer to be a declaration that condemned boy name Luther"s speak to for reforms.
Which statement ideal defines the teachings of john Calvin?Calvin teach his followers that salvation might be accomplished through faith, yet not through good works.Calvin teach his followers that humans needed come follow strict rules to conquer their nature and do good.Calvin teach his followers that they could reduce penalty for your sins by giving generously come the church.Calvin teach his followers the priests and popes to be closer come God than their churchgoers.
Calvin teach his followers that people needed to follow strictly rules to conquer their nature and do good.
A key belief the Calvinism in the 1500s to be thathuman beings space born totally free from every sins.children have to not attend spiritual services.only priests and popes should interpret the Bible.some human being are picked before birth for salvation.
The Ninety-Five Theses referred to as for countless reforms, includingestablishing new denominations.banning the sale of indulgences.allowing just priests to forgive sins.building palaces with church funds.
What function did Henry VIII play in the Reformation?He led the reformation in Germany.He produced the Church the England.He stood trial in ~ the Diet that Worms.He brought reform to Switzerland.
In the mid-1300s, man Wycliffe wasa critic of the protestant Church.a reverend in the good news Church.a doubter of the Catholic Church.a monk in the Catholic Church.
What statement ideal describes the Catholic Church during the Renaissance?The majesties of Europe administer the Catholic Church and dictated the policies and also practices.The Catholic Church was progressively seen together a corrupt school with too lot power.The Catholic Church greatly remained different from europe politics and government.The civilization of Europe had small contact through the Catholic Church, which had no affect over your lives.

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In the 1500s, john Calvin left France toescape religious persecution.become a Catholic priest.translate the scriptures into German.stand trial in ~ the Diet the Worms.

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