Deliver short to moderate levels of oxygen to relieve hypoxia.

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Assess respiratory standing (i.e., breath sounds, respiratory tract rate and depth, presence of sputum, arterial blood gases if available).Assess past medical history, noting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). For clients with COPD, hypoxemia is often the economic stimulation to breathe because they chronically have actually high blood level of carbon dioxide. If additional oxygen is needed, a low-flow mechanism is crucial to keep slight hypoxemia so breath is stimulated.Assess for clinical signs and also symptoms of hypoxia: anxiety, lessened level that consciousness, i can not qualify to concentrate, fatigue, dizziness, cardiac dysrhythmias, pallor or cyanosis, dyspnea.


Approproate oxygen distribution system:Simple oxygen mask (O2 concentrations: 40%-60%)Venturi mask - delivers O2 concentrations exact within 1% (24%-50%). Frequently used through clients through COPD.Partial rebreather mask - low flow system (O2 concentrations: 50%-70%). Reservoir bag allows client to rebreathe a portion of exhaled air. (Bag have to not completely deflate throughout inspiration, or O2 flow rate have to be increased.)Nonrebreather mask - delivers the greatest O2 concentrations possible without mechanical ventialation (80%-90%). One-way valve avoids room wait or exhaled waiting from being inspired.Oxygen sourceFlowmeter\"No smoking\" signHumidifier and also distilled water (for high-flow O2 therapy)


Review chart for physician\"s order for oxygen come ensure that it includes technique of delivery, flow rate, titration orders; identify client.
Rationale: avoids potential errors.
Wash your hands.
Rationale: Handwashing reduces infection of microorganisms.
Identify client and continue with 5 rights of medication administration. Describe procedure come client. Explain that oxygen will certainly ease dyspnea or discomfort, and inform client concerning security precautions linked with oxygen use.
Rationale:Oxygen is a drug and also administering utilizing the 5 rights avoids potential errors. To teach helps for sure compliance with therapy.
Insert flowmeter into wall surface outlet. Affix oxygen tubing to nozzle on flowmeter (Fig. 1). If making use of a high O2 flow, attach humidifier. Affix oxygen tubing to humidifier.

Fig. 1:Conect challenge mask come oxygen source.

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Turn top top the oxygen at the prescribed rate (Fig. 2). For a mask through a reservoir, be sure to enable oxygen to fill bag (Fig. 3).