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"Dead Skunk" is a 1972 novelty song by Loudon Wainwright III. The tune is musically a straightforward folk song based on banjo, yet accompanied by guitar, drums and also fiddle. The naipublishers.com explain a dead skunk in the center of a liven road and the odor it produces because that pedestrians. Wainwright has actually said that the tune came the end of an actual accident entailing a skunk, and also that he created it climate in 15 minutes. ("Someone had already killed it, but I ran end it.") although the solitary was released in November 1972, it was not until well right into 1973 the it caught on v radio stations, and also its number 16 height on the Billboard warm 100 chart to be not reached until the week ending 31 march 1973. the peaked at number 12 ~ above the Cashbox charts on April 14. It was the just record to chart because that Wainwright. "Dead Skunk" additionally reached number eight in Canada and also number 12 in Australia. The song has been played every Friday near 9 AM, on height 40 radio terminal KRRY ("Y101") in Quincy, Illinois, since 1985. Y101 bowl jockeys Dennis Oliver and Jeffrey Dorsey insurance claim the two have actually played "Dead Skunk" much more than any kind of other radio station in the united States. The song has replaced the timeless "Take Me the end to the round Game" as the saturday inning stretch tune at Georgia institute of Technology"s Russ Chandler Baseball Stadium.more »

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Crossin" the highway late last nightHe shoulda looked left and he shoulda looked rightHe didn"t watch the station wagon carThe skunk gained squashed and also there friend areYou gained yourDead skunk in the middle of the roadDead skunk in the middle of the roadDead skunk in the center of the roadStinkin" to high heavenTake a noise on me, that ain"t no roseRoll increase yer home window and host your noseYou don"t need to look and also you don"t have to see"Cause you deserve to feel that in her olfactoryYou got yourDead skunk in the middle of the roadDead skunk in the middle of the roadDead skunk in the center of the roadAnd it"s stinkin" to high heavenYeah you gained your dead cat and you gained your dead dogOn a moonlight night you gained your dead toad frog obtained your dead rabbit and your dead raccoonThe blood and also the guts they"re gonna make you swoonYou acquired yourDead skunk in the middleDead skunk in the middle of the roadDead skunk in the center of the roadStinkin" come high heavenC"mon stinkYou acquired itIt"s dead, it"s in the middleDead skunk in the middleDead skunk in the center of the roadStinkin" come high heavenAll over the road, technicolor manOh, you obtained pollutionIt"s dead, it"s in the middleAnd it"s stinkin" to high, high heaven

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Loudon Wainwright III Loudon Snowden Wainwright III (born September 5, 1946) is a Grammy Award-winning American songwriter, folk singer, humorist, and actor.

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He is the father of musician Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright and also Lucy Wainwright Roche, brothers of Sloan Wainwright, and the previous husband the the late people singer Kate McGarrigle. More »