Legendary comic-book creator Stan Lee presents a six-episode, one-hour weekly reality collection that will an obstacle contestants to create their an extremely own superhero. In the end, only one will remain, and also that person will be invited to show up as their character, in an initial SCI FI Channel movie.

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Who wants to it is in a Superhero? Season 2 (2007)
2x01 main One10 contestants arrive in the lair and are soon dubbed to action when Stan Lee is walk away by a supervillain. Jul. 26, 2007
2x02 main TwoThe contestants are given a check of vessel by a supervillain called Bee Sting and receive a makeover by Stan. Aug. 02, 2007
2x03 main ThreeDr. Dark makes the heroes occupational in pairs to ride a roller coaster and run roughly finding coloured poles in stimulate to capture him. Aug. 09, 2007
2x04 mainly FourThe heroes have to intercept a package yet they cannot do it in their costumes therefore they must persuade human being to lend them their clothing to form a disguise and also protect their identities. ... Aug. 16, 2007
2x05 main FiveThe Heroes are put to the test as soon as they are tested mentally quite than physically. First, they’ll have actually to confront their greatest fears, however they soon find out that they’ll likewise ... Aug. 23, 2007
2x06 week SixThe Heroes are tasked with deciphering a secret code, though they’re both shocked and dismayed as soon as they find out that their only assistance have the right to come indigenous a group of fourth graders. ... Aug. 30, 2007
2x07 mainly SevenThe superheroes should stop evil Stan however they have to get past strike dogs to do so.

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Sep. 06, 2007
2x08 week EightThe final three heroes go to stunt school and share their personal stories v Stan. Sep. 06, 2007

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