A small noticed surveillance technology, design to track the activities of every happen driver, is rapid proliferating ~ above America’s streets. Automatic license plate readers, placed on police car or on objects favor road signs and bridges, use small, high-speed cameras to picture thousands the plates every minute.

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The information captured by the readers – consisting of the patent plate number, and the date, time, and also location the every scan – is being accumulated and periodically pooled into regional sharing systems. Together a result, massive databases of innocent motorists’ location information are cultivation rapidly. This info is often retained because that years or even indefinitely, with couple of or no limitations to protect privacy rights.

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In July 2012, naipublishers.com affiliates in 38 states and Washington sent public documents act inquiry to almost 600 local and also state police departments, and also other state and federal agencies, to achieve information on exactly how these agencies usage license bowl readers. In response, we obtained 26,000 pages of papers detailing the use of the technology around the country. Click the map symbol on the right to learn just how police in her state use license plate reader to monitor people"s movements.


The documents paint a startling snapshot of a an innovation deployed through too couple of rules that is becoming a tool for massive routine ar tracking and also surveillance. License plate readers can serve a legitimate regulation enforcement purpose as soon as they alarm police to the place of a car connected with a criminal investigation. But such instances account for a tiny fraction of patent plate scans, and also too numerous police departments are storing numerous records about innocent drivers. Moreover, personal companies are also using patent plate readers and also sharing the info they collect with police with tiny or no oversight or privacy protections. A lack of regulation means that plans governing exactly how long our location data is preserved vary widely.

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You are Being Tracked

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