Neymar together Messi and Luis Suarez formed one the the many lethal win partnerships that the world has ever witnessed.

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La Liga ambassador Julio Baptista (Photo | AFP)

KOCHI: once FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain lock horns in the UEFA Champions organization next week, it will revive a storyline that has been playing out in world football for quite some time.

There were constantly going to be question marks over who was going come take end the mantle indigenous Lionel Messi in ~ FC Barcelona when the Argentine wizard eventually departed Camp Nou. 

While that inquiry is every the more pertinent ideal now, that seemed favor the Catalan giants had the answer ideal in former of them. 

Neymar Jr was creating himself as among the best footballers in the people alongside Messi once he shook the footballing world by agreeing to a world-record transfer move to Ligue 1 next Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. 

Neymar can have got to last season"s champions League last with the Parisians and been choose up residential titles because that fun, yet the relocate is still wondered about by many. 

The 29-year-old was lot loved by the Barcelona faithful and also the players and also was among the pan favourites. 

Former Brazil and also Olympique Lyon midfielder Juninho Pernambucano had actually recently said that Neymar was encouraged by money more than noþeles else.

However, previous Real Madrid and Sevilla player Julio Baptista, that is currently a La Liga ambassador felt that his countryman was sustained by a various kind the ambition. 

"I don"t think it"s necessarily choose that. Ns think every players have a ideal to feel important and they have these challenges. Their professional careers are full of challenges," said Baptista while speaking during a virtual interaction arranged through La Liga on Wednesday. 

The 39-year-old who has played together superstars knows the they are propelled by the desire to it is in the best. 

"As because that Neymar, among the points that the is absent would it is in the civilization Cup and additionally to be the ideal player in the world. I think the left Barcelona to be able to try and have these different options," claimed Baptista. 

Neymar alongside Messi and also Luis Suarez created one of the many lethal win partnerships the the world has ever witnessed.

While Messi"s future at Barcelona is increase in the air, Suarez is currently at Atletico Madrid and Neymar is leading the fee for PSG. 

"He thought that if he ongoing to play through Messi, regardless of the truth that they were an excellent friends, he yes, really didn"t think he would have actually that option. So i think that"s why the left Barcelona to try and have that option somewhere else," Baptista suggested. 

The fact that Neymar has actually tried to engineer a move earlier to Barcelona in the previous is an indication the he misses his time at the Camp Nou.

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Even Barcelona didn"t want to part with him and it"s a question of exactly how things would have actually panned out had actually Neymar stayed. 

It can even have convinced Messi to remain at Barcelona however the society are currently looking in ~ life there is no the Argentine legend which would have actually been much easier had Neymar stayed. If Messi does leave, Baptista feeling that also a reunion with Neymar is also possible. 

"He would probably want to walk to a big club where he can win a many titles prefer Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain since these are clubs where he might have the same alternatives like he contends Barcelona," claimed the Brazilian.