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I open my eyesI shot to see, but I’m blinded by the white lightI can’t remember how, i can’t psychic whyI’m lying here tonightAnd ns can’t stand the painAnd i can’t do it walk awayNo, ns can’t was standing the painHow might this happen to me?I've made my mistakesGot i do not have anything to runThe night walk on together I’m fading awayI’m sick of this lifeI just wanna screamHow could this happen to me?Everybody’s screamingI shot to do a sound, but no one hears meI’m slipping turn off the edge, ns hanging through a threadI wanna start this over againSo I try to host on to a time when nothing matteredAnd ns can’t define what happenedAnd i can’t erase the points that I've doneNo, ns can’t
How might this take place to me?I've made mine mistakesGot i do not have anything to runThe night go on as I’m fading awayI’m ailing of this lifeI simply wanna screamHow might this occur to me?I've made my mistakesGot i do not have anything to runThe night goes on as I’m fading awayI’m ailing of this lifeI simply wanna screamHow could this take place to me?
“Untitled (How could This occur to Me?) is a tune by Canadian absent band basic Plan, released as the third single from their 2nd studio album, Still Not acquiring Any….

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Lyrically, the track tells a story about a family being torn apart by the consequences caused indigenous drunk driving.

The music video clip also mirrors the story of a drunk driver who causes an accident and kills the driver in the various other car. It reflects the devastation produced within the girl’s family, and also the guilt and pain the drunk driver has to live with.

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This tune is a very an individual look at what happens once tragedy hits close come home and also we want to make a video that was as powerful and as special as the tune was to the five of us. End the last few years, a lot of world we know have actually been affiliated in tragic accidents caused by drinking and driving. One of the students at our high-school crashed his car driving back from a weekend trip and killed his ideal friend. It to be a very sad time the none of united state will ever forget. This is the story we want to tell v this video: the story of all the chaste victims resulted in by drinking and driving. We hope you will certainly take the time to clock the video. Thanks for all her support."

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