Wicca book of Spells: that Ultimate book of Shadows because that Beginners. A overview to Wiccan Rituals, Altars and also Beliefs for Witches and Solitary Prac (Paperback)

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Struggling to adjust your life in a meaningful, spirituality way? carry out you want to start practicing Wicca and also Magic? Or carry out you desire a collection of spells that have the right to transform and enhance her life?

The reality is... Many world curious around Magic and also Wicca frequently has tiny access to credible information. Beginners just practice the same magic spells over and also over, since they are the only ones that have actually been learned.

Magic is a beautiful tool that you can use come make her life easier, and your family"s life. It deserve to even safeguard those you love. Sometimes, it is as an easy as her belief and meditation. Not every spell requirements to be intricate or intricate. Friend can additionally create your very own spells as soon as you obtain comfortable in your partnership with witchcraft.

Here"s what you"ll learn:

The history of Wicca and also the prominence of Wiccan Principles and also BeliefsPowerful Spells for Money, Success and also Financial Prosperity20 Magic Spells because that Love, Sex and Erotic FeelingsSpells for Motivation, Health and also Wellness10+ Protections Spells, stress and anxiety Calming Spells and Stress monitoring SpellsStep-by-Step accuse on how to Create and also Perform your very own Rituals and Establish her AltarHow to usage Candles, Crystals, Herbs, vital Oils, Stones and why Nature Is so crucial for Witches and Wiccans

Wicca publication of Spells is intended as a overview for friend to start your path and journey into the Wiccan world. You execute not have to flourish up in Wiccan religion to be a Wiccan. Like any type of other faith, friend can transform if you believe. Even if you have never exercised the Wicca religion, in this book you will uncover spells and also other magical workings that, when applied with concentrated intention, will bring positive experiences into your life.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781913922023 ISBN-10: 1913922022 Publisher: Amelia Greenwood Publication Date: September 12th, 2020 Pages: 202 Language: English category related Editions (all)