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Have been going to Jeffrey’s brand-new hair shop for a when now, and have been v Jeffrey since 2018. He is a expert individual and managed to sav...ed mine bangs the an initial time and also has continually done so. Constantly satisfied through the results! Show an ext
Jeffrey is the best. I’ve to be going to him because that years because that balayage and there’s nobody else ns trust to manage my hair!
Jeffery is important a grasp of his craft. You leaving his salon and presence emotion so much far better than once you walked in. Together someone that hops about stylist to stylist I’ve discovered my “home” v Jeffery. Walk to the if you need an expert in color/cut/style. Show more
I obtained my hair re-colored and it look at absolutely amazing! i recommend going come Jeffrey anytime! thanks for the amazing look!
Jeff is the absolute best! He knows what i want prior to I do, and always delivers a wonderful result that renders me feel much more beautiful and confident as... I walk out with my gorgeous brand-new look! Love love love coming here! Show more
Went in with a photograph of one idea of just how I wanted to color my hair, and also Jeffery did an absolutely remarkable job! certain love my brand-new hair look!
Jeffery is a true shade aficionado through a organic ease and genuine talent! He yes, really listened to what i wanted and also delivered the most naturally balayage. I look front to seeing him again! Show much more

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I have been going come Jeffery because that a tiny over a year currently - and he’s operated miracles v my hair. That is by far the best colorist/stylist/person i have ...been to. I have brunette hair naturally, but with Jeffery’s balayage many civilization never know! What provides him the ideal isn’t just his techniques and expertise, it’s that he listens! I tend to wear mine hair up frequently for work, and also because of that he made sure to lug the balayage to the back/underneath so as soon as my hair is up you have the right to still view the color. Likewise, he cuts my hair in a method where I have the right to ‘wash and go’ (which is witchcraft for frizzy/thick hair like mine). In the year I’ve to be seeing him he’s never led me astray and I’m i was sure he won’t lead you astray either!Side-note: Jeffery’s Wild roots Studio is situated in Karma Salon. The salon is clean and follows Covid protocols ( a bonus/relief in today’s world). There is many of street parking. If you’re favor me and prefer come walk and/or take it public transit the close come the Berwyn redline and multiple bus stops. I determined to walk native the Berwyn redline and stop in ~ a cute regional coffee shop ~ above the way home. Or you might walk Clark street and also check out few of the fun small shops that are situated there. Either way, the location lends chin to amplifying the emotion of total luxury and also relaxing you’ll have actually after letting Jeffery take care of you! Show much more