One man was swept right into a storm drainage pipe by raging floodwaters. Several world drowned once their vehicles gained submerged on flooded streets. And also some to be unable come escape from their flooded apartments.

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Those are among the 25 human being in new Jersey whose resides were lost when fierce storms motivated by the moisture-packed remnants that Hurricane Ida swept throughout the state ~ above Wednesday. Gov. Phil Murphy listed the updated death toll during an figure on NBC’s Today present on Friday morning.

He stated six an ext people remain absent and the death toll is likely to increase. However even if that stands as 25, this renders Wednesday’s disaster one of new Jersey’s most dangerous storms in modern history.

“We mourn the lose of those lives,” stated Murphy, who plans come tour more storm damages this morning in Millburn. “This to be going to be a very significant, historic rain storm. We’re going come clean up and also we’re going to stay together.”

Superstorm Sandy, which ruined the Garden State in October 2012, had actually the highest fatality toll of any storm in the Garden State during the previous century, with 40 fatalities attributed to the monster cyclone.

Two back-to-back storms the struck the state in respectable 1955 — Hurricane Connie and Hurricane Diane — linked to reason massive flooding, leading to the the deaths of 26 brand-new Jerseyans, follow to released reports. Yet 21 the the 26 victims of that flooding died at a camp site in Pennsylvania, not in brand-new Jersey. So, the nationwide Hurricane center doesn’t share those as brand-new Jersey storm fatalities.

More recently, tropic Storm Irene claimed nine resides in new Jersey in respectable 2011, and also three various other Garden State residents passed away from Irene while they were in various other states that were hit hard by the storm.

And in September 1999, tropical Storm Floyd to be blamed for six drowning deaths in the Garden State. Similar to Ida, Floyd dumped substantial amounts of rain on brand-new Jersey and also caused many rivers to swell to document levels — consisting of the Raritan flow in bound Brook, the Saddle flow in Lodi, the north Raritan River close to Raritan, the Raritan river in Manville, the Millstone flow in Blackwells Mills and the Rahway river in Springfield.

One that the many notable storms through high fatalities in brand-new Jersey developed in the at an early stage 1800s. Recognized as the Great coastal Hurricane that 1806, the storm pack fierce winds that uprooted numerous trees across brand-new Jersey and also killed 21 human being aboard a ship off the Barnegat Inlet.

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