I am still relatively new, but compared to a few of the other ships I have played, even the Phoenix, the Omaha feels like a BB round magnet. Every random game I have played has ended up in BB"s focusing me even if I have positioned myself around the back side of an island or behind friendly BB"s. I do enjoy the ship, good guns, usable torps, good speed, just the thing feels like its ready to fall apart at a moments notice.

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Oooh, sorry about the caps. I use caps lock a lot at work. Anyhoo, In the immortal words of Jim Butcher (speaking in a Mr. Myagi-like accent) "Best way to not take damage, no getta hit."


You"re going to get focused. People basically see you as free damage, so they"ll eagerly slam rounds into the island you"re hiding behind just in case they might could hit you. It"s an art. You have to play in such a way that makes players think that damage is easier to get by shooting other players. The hard part is doing that while not hiding in the back. It"s doable, but I for instance, couldn"t really do it until I had thousands of battles in dd"s, bb"s, and CV"s first.


Cruisers are damage monsters. But they take a lot of experience and craftyness to play.

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Posted February 15, 2018(edited)


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Try to avoid open water fights with ships who have guns bigger than yours. 

Use islands for cover and concealment. 

Don"t be the first ship spotted and travel with friends as it gives the enemy other things to shoot at. 

Take the Priority Target skill so you know how many people are targeting you and how aggressive your WASD hax needs to be. 

If you find yourself in open water with ship firing at you keep dodging, kitting, weaving and running toward cover. 


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Just now, Octavian_of_Roma said:

... or kite and dodge like a madman. 

Kiting in particular is a critical skill for all cruiser captains. Hitting a speedy target that"s running from you at an angle and constantly shifting direction and speed is difficult enough that some players will leave you alone rather than attempt it.

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Welcome to the T5 snot ball. Learning curve goes up dramatically by this tier, WG put protected MM on T3-4 ships so they never see higher tiers, so around 70-85% of the time T5 ships get uptiered.


First off, you"re in a cruiser. Thin armor, BBs like to try for you because their big guns can pen you at any angle. So this means you have to think ahead. Where are the red BBs going? You might consider going for the cap they"re not able to bombard. You"ve already figured out how to use islands--US cruiser MB have very floaty shells, so certain islands you can shoot over.


Secondly, Omaha is a cruiser of opportunity. MB flight time, agility, and torps mean she"s better suited to close-range combat against red cruisers and DDs. Generally BBs aren"t your desired prey, but if get within torp range, you can make them pay.

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Lastly, be a dodger. The Priority Target skill tells how many ships are aiming at you, and Omaha"s agile. Use that to be hard to hit. It takes practice, and good BB players might notice your dodge pattern and so fire where you"ll turn, but in general, be harder to hit for 2-4 volleys, most BB players give up on you for the moment.