WWE went back to the USA network for Monday Night Raw critical night (Aug. 10, 2015) indigenous Everett, Washington through all the latest construct to the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) booked for later this month in Brooklyn. That contained a botched Money in the bank cash-in from Sheamus after ~ a relatively bad Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton WWE world heavyweight championship title enhance in the main event.

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Click here to get full results v the live blog. Let"s get to reaction to every the night"s events.


Cash ins -- how do they work?

WWE to be without Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, and also John Cena for this show, so they had to get creative with the booking to prevent ratings plummeting come an every time short (considering the number of late, that might happen anyway). For this reason the large plan to be a convoluted opening segment featuring Rollins trying to perform comedy as soon as he"s not funny in any type of way, shape, or form, Cesaro wearing sunglasses indoors because that was apparently the lacking piece of the puzzle, Kevin Owens showing up and being Kevin Owens, and also Randy Orton call Kevin Owens fat because that no reason various other than Vince McMahon is plainly trying to send a very public blog post at this point.

This results in an Orton vs. Owens vs. Cesaro triple threat complement -- with the winner acquiring a location shot versus Rollins in the main event -- that featured every fan in the human being franctically attempting to come up with a script that would equal precise anyone but Orton winning. Those who encouraged themselves to be disappointed in the finish, and those who didn"t never bothered to gain invested.

And rightfully so.

It have to be stated that the really wrestling in said triple danger was solid and also the end up was FANTASTIC. They in reality pulled off an RKOOUTTANOWHERE in ~ a time when that have to never, ever be the case. Kudos on that.

That caused a main event that featured some dreadful wrestling mixed with the normal bland back-and-forth we"ve watched from Rollins and also Orton in the 647 various other matches they"ve had. But no, the actual shitshow started once Sheamus proved up to break up a pinfall the Michael Cole would have us believe would have provided Orton the WWE people heavyweight championship.

After everything, this to be the worst finish possible because it not only validated all the fear of fans who knew this was a poor idea as soon as it to be announced at the optimal of the show, it also continued this ridiculous streak that WWE booking Orton-Sheamus to just brawl v each other. That"s literally the whole feud. Lock brawl for a couple of weeks, have actually a match at the PPV. Climate they brawl because that a couple of more weeks till the following PPV.

This time they in reality spiced points up by involving Rollins, the champion, and also teasing a Sheamus Money in the financial institution cash-in. Except it was the most poorly executed tease of a cash-in possible.

Sheamus disposes of Orton top top the exterior before transforming his attention to Rollins in the ring. The grabs the briefcase, it s okay in, access time the Brogue kick to placed the champion down, and also then attempts come hand the briefcase end to the referee if screaming the he is cashing in and to begin the match.

The referee reaction to this favor he has actually ZERO clue exactly how to properly perform his job. Or possibly he just isn"t clean on what the Money in the financial institution concept is and was trying to gain Sheamus to clarify, which price to Sheamus repetitively screaming that he was cashing in when the ref doesn"t permit that to happen and also the two are simply hanging on to the briefcase with each other in a shouting match. This went on for what felt prefer FOREVER, entirely because they mistimed this and Orton took eras to get ago in the ring and also hit one RKO to put an finish to the madness.

Finally, he obtained in, hit claimed RKO, and the present mercifully involved an finish with literally anyone looking so much worse than they did at the start of this show.

Owens was dubbed fat and also lost his matchCesaro to be rocking sunglasses indoors and also lost his matchOrton won a match however then lost a location shot on interference because of not being ready for a male who had actually literally just cut an interview alerting him around a potential plot to mess with his matchSheamus shed out on an easy Money in the bank cash in and also looked dumb in the process, despite it"s no really his faultRollins played negative comedy to begin the show, to be slapped under by Triple H, and also was made to look together though he should have actually lost his title twice in the same night to two males who, again, were both made come look exceptionally stupid

It"s a miracle WWE creates any kind of stars v booking like this. What an utter and complete disaster.


All the finest to every the rest

Team B.A.D. Vs. Team Bella: If it wasn"t clear before that there is no clean direction, rhyme, or factor to what WWE is doing with the women"s division, it was this match. That was, fairly literally, a conventional tag team -- mostly cost-free of botches and bad wrestling, though Nikki Bella and also Sasha financial institutions were turn off on time -- the devolved right into a brawl just to get each team involved and also then turned right into a staredown. That"s right, folks, they had actually Team B.A.D., Team Bella, and Team PCB brawl and also THEN had actually the staredown. The Divas division is now the equivalent of a dog chasing cars.

New job vs. Los Matadores: While it wasn"t a squash, this to be really simply a method to showcase just how unbelievably good Big E, Kofi Kingston, and also Xavier Woods room at what castle do. Sensual big E dancing is horrifying and amazing every at the exact same time. The post-match interview backstage was even better. The genuine pull that this team is the town hall them shot to maintain a positive attidude -- P.O.P. -- in the face of ridiculousness prefer beating Los Matadores and then discovering Matadores getting a location shot at SummerSlam anyway.

Roman & Dean: that backstage segment showcased specifically what this two have become, an excellent friends who know each various other in kayfabe and also "we"ll accept Roman"s awkward gibberish schtick since he rolls with Ambrose" in reality. They"re in reality an impressive duo, a callback to The Shield without a 3rd wheel.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper: To provide you one indication the the kind of match these two had, they ran an angle where Byron Saxton was afraid of Bray Wyatt being everywhere near him and also stood during the match. This resulted in the crowd, bored together hell by the action in the ring, chanting because that him to sit down. I child you not, this happened. They picked it up shortly after -- and Reigns" was an especially strong when he got associated brawling v Bray top top the exterior -- but this was underwhelming.

Miz TV v Daniel Bryan: Our boy D-Bry is "guy who is happy to be here" and he"s never that guy more than he is when he"s top top a display in his residence state. However he"s likewise "guy we must use to obtain over one Intercontinental location feud no one at this time cares about" and he in reality did just that. Ns can"t it is in the only one hoping he was going to hit the paris knee on Ryback after the took the end Miz, though, deserve to I? Wouldn"t that have been the perfect way to lug him earlier in to reclaim the location he never ever lost? If only.

Rusev vs. Note Henry: castle booked this secondary to the actual angle they want to run, which to be Summer Rae beating the hell the end of Lana, who remained in on commentary. That Accolade to be FIERCE too. Like, so fierce it in reality turned me and I felt poor for Lana and am looking forward to her acquiring revenge. Hey, the edge worked! Also, the brand-new flag gimmick is Bulgarian and features Rusev spring smooth as hell. This quickly came to be the ideal thing ever.

King Barrett vs. Neville: Things change in a hurry in WWE, huh? it wasn"t long earlier that Barrett was among the males Neville couldn"t defeat. Currently he"s squashing him on Raw. Really, it to be a gateway to Stephen Amell making his appearance and also while WWE has a long history of damaging celebrity involvement, he to be athletic and also came off really well. Much more than anything, the looked prefer he belonged just as lot as any type of wrestler. He even held up okay when he to be standing throughout Triple H and setting up the complement for SummerSlam. There to be none of the normal "he"s a celebrity and also we all know it, allow him have actually fun with it." He was an honest to goodness component of the show. That"s impressive, particularly for a first shot.

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The main present long angle was a dumpster fire and also that"s what dragged this grade down much more than something else.

Grade: D+

That"s the from me, Cagesiders. Now it"s your rotate to sound off in the comment section listed below with all your thoughts on last night"s show. How did you prefer it, if you liked it at all?