Mystique, the mutant that have the right to change her appearance to mimic anyone, constantly gets what she desires making use of her powers and also does so via a wealth of aplomb.

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In X-Men: Evolution, Mystique starts out as the primary at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but secretly she really functions for the Brotherhood, a band also of mutants led by Magneto who compete through the X-Men for brand-new recruits. She often provides her position at the institution to manipulate events and also students — particularly that of her adoptive daughter and also freshly enrolled X-Men recruit, Rogue — as well as her powers of visual persuasion. But her machicountries don’t soptimal there!


Sneaky Shapeshifter

Throughout the series, Mystique poses as the student Risty Wilde. She uses this cover to steal Xavier’s Cerebro documents for her Brotherhood recruitment efforts, and also while acting as Risty, she befriends Rogue to remain cshed to her. Her desires are thrust by a selfish need to have Rogue in her life but bereason she lies for so long, it makes us distrust her for being so deceptive in the first area.

Decisive Action

It’s simple to get mad at Mystique given that she’s always trying to thwart the X-Men, yet she’s not really in charge. Magneto is the true head honcho of the Brotherhood, yet she takes decisive action when he’s absent. So, we give her an inch and also just possibly we have the right to forgive her for her wrongdoings…also for that one time she posed as Xavier and also paired the X-Men with the Brotherhood to confront off against Magneto.

Cool Under Pressure

After lying to the X-Men as Xavier and assisting in blowing up Xavier’s mansion, Cyclops outs her for fooling everyone. Though Mystique’s feathers aren’t ruffled, she continues to be calm, built up and also ever before the threatening devil. Her cool blue exterior reveals that despite her failure, she’ll bounce back.


Adding Fire to the Flames

While Beast and also Storm try to sheight the anti-mutant crowd at the Senate, Mystique releases Juggernaut, AKA Cain Marko, from his containment cell. He threa10s to ruin a dam which bolsters the Senate’s anti-mutant sentiments and threa10s mutant legal rights. The X-Men students stop Juggernaut and also proccasion a catastrophe, and in turn, it proves to the Senate that tbelow are mutants who usage their powers for great. So it practically begs the question, was that Mystique’s goal the entirety time?

While her motivations to safeguard Rogue throughout the start of X-Men: Evolution seem noble, she ends up creating even more friction in between Rogue and also herself, and also as a byproduct between the Brotherhood and the X-Men. She is so great at being the catalyst for dispute that it provides her the best Super Villain we love to hate. Really we’re simply jealous at just how devious she is and that she gets ameans through it…the majority of of the time.

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