X-Men is the surname of one of the most popular superhero comics, produced by Marvel. The first issue around the mutants was released in 1963 and the first movie about the superhero team — in 2000.

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Meaning and also history


The X-Men logo design was first designed in 1987 and consisted that a solitary wordmark. The emblem was produced only in 15 years and also had countless versions. The last redesign that 2019 carried a brand-new grease visual identity to the famous superhero team.

1987 – 2002


The initial X-Men logo design was a glowing three-dimensional wordmark, enforcement in yellow v a red outline. All the capital letters that the engraving were written in a strict sans-serif typeface with directly lines and also angles and a contempt shortened “-“ sign.

The yellow and also red color mix is a price of power and energy, i beg your pardon is a brilliant palette because that the superheroes’ image.

2002 – 2019


The new visual identification was developed in 2002. Currently it was composed of a wordmark and also an emblem, i beg your pardon were offered on their own. The amendment wordmark contained an enlarged extra-bold “X” with a smaller “Men” part. All the letters of the nameplate were capitalized and italicized.

The X-Men emblem indigenous the 2000s portrayed a circle through an “X” inside. Its shade palette changed throughout the year — indigenous red and also yellow, to red and white and even blue and black.

The X-Men heroes didn’t have a combined signature till 2019.

2019 – Today


The modern-day X-Men visual identity was design in 2019 by Tom Muller. The current emblem is composed of a shining yellow circle with a thick black color outline and an enclosed “X” sign, consist of of 2 equal parts.

Two components of the “X” resemble 2 arrows pointing come the center in the negative space.

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The X-Men logo is strong and modern, it shows the extraordinary capability of the hero team and also shows the worth of heritage as well as celebrates progress and moving forward.

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