Enjoy in-depth photo editing, creative drawing and professional architecture from photo collages and also print documents to digital artwork – realize each and also every among your an imaginative ideas with Xara picture & graphic Designer! create impressive designs in no time.

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Create vector shapes and texts that you can combine to produce designs because that invitations, flyers and also logos. This makes it possible to export in any size without loss the quality.


Easily readjust brightness, contrast, color and saturation or perform comprehensive photo retouching – Xara photo & graphic Designer contains everything you must optimize her images.

Xara photo & graphic Designer supplies a complete year of cost-free access to end 1 million freely accessible stock photos, graphics, illustrations, templates and also SmartShapes that you can easily accessibility and usage at any type of time – privately and commercially.


For design as among a sort as the project itself. Develop custom flyers, society media posts and invitations – through arrows, tables, photo text boxes, lines, trapezoids and wheels that have the right to be easily modified.

Templates for invitations, greeting cards, photo collages and also social media write-ups can be customized in a matter of clicks.


Select the theme you want and also then drag and drop your photos to the wanted position. Every grids are freely adjustable.


Share your ideas – choose from over 240 templates for Facebook and Instagram posts and also personalize them in just a few clicks.

Smart Layout modern technology ensures the your chart templates adapt precisely to fulfill your needs. You deserve to add, rearrange or remove sections openly – your layout design will remain evenly spaced all the while.

Quick & symmetrical: develop vertical & horizontal patterns from objects and elements with just one click. Her grids and patterns room evenly spaced and can be adjusted in an prompt using a committed handle.

Discover the new, razor-sharp HiDPI program interface with your 4K monitor. Many thanks to the high-resolution textures and also optimal contrast, you have the right to customize her designs for pixel-perfect outcomes without straining her eyes.

More time because that creativity

Vector-based graphics designProfessional picture processingOver one million stock photos, architecture elements & templates
Graphic design: for skilled layoutsImage editing: Quick and also creativeIllustrations: develop logos, symbols & sketchesOnline content Catalog*: Templates, SmartShapes, picture filters and lots more.
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right here you can upgrade come the latest variation for a distinct price. Have actually your account registration information or the serial number because that your software ready.

Graphic design: for expert layoutsImage editing: Quick and also creativeIllustrations: produce logos, signs & sketchesOnline content Catalog*: Templates, SmartShapes, photograph filters and lots more.

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