The triangular love story is getting on mine nerves.Looks favor eighty" s or seventy"s design template of love story revisited here.Gayu behaves for this reason irrelevantly that pressures me to think go she belong to current generation in ~ all. I beg your pardon girl these days will ... Review more

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I honestly feel that civilization who think the naira is at error for not sharing her feelings through her mother at least and also telling anyone about her love because that karthik doesn"t seem to watch the show properly. Lets count every the factors for why naira is ... Review more

Hey men just uncovered the full yaha waha song in sound cloud uploaded through star is 5 min and 27 sec long one and also thus have actually a extended portion which is beautiful. Fine i"m waiting for SP to uplaod the female variation of exact same too...Here is the ... Check out more

The illustration starts v Naira burying the memories. She turns to go and also sees Rama. She cries and talks come Rama about Gayu and Kartik. Naira speak Rama that ns have constantly fought with Kartik, don"t you exactly how he dropped in love through me, Gayu loves him a ... Check out more

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Well i haven"t been watching yrkkh because the new triangle track started tbh yet I try to keep up through what"s walking on in the display through forums. See the recent articles here what I have the right to get about the current track and also what many posts have ... Check out more

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If any kind of of girlfriend watched the recent segment whereby naithik and also akshara are walking under the halls upstairs and talking and worrying about naira and her hiding something, castle have ultimately started suspecting that naira is in love through karthik and also may ... Read more

So top top desitvbox ns noticed the yrkkh is gift uploaded at 9 o clock in canada before On website yrkkh provided to come in ~ 1:00 and also desiplex .net and desitvbox quit their logo to So ns am concerned if part parts acquire cut since in India yrkkh ... Check out more

Episode 12 Midnight Kartik wakes up and goes to kitchen to have water. Naira additionally comes come the kitchen. Naira and kartik collides and also gets shocked seeing each other and shouts. Kartik keeps his hand on nairas mouth. Kartik: kya hogaya. Itna ... Read more

Actually i think this is track if castle show an ext of kaira pain prefer today through a little dose the pAs currently I am confirm that kaira r end gameAfter many days i gathered courage to clock dq but I favored the episodeWhen I review Wu and also they claimed on Mitch ... Read more

Hey Everyone! I just saw an article by India forums around kidnapping tracks in the leading TV shows, and also I witnessed that Akshara"s name was also included. I claimed that it"s an upcoming monitor wherein "someone" rather was supposed to be ... Read more

Kaira OS - You should Fight To win "Jhoot bol rahi ho, kitni baar jhoot bologi, saach bol perform Naira you re welcome ek baar please Naira halo mat tadpao, jo baath tum ne uss waqt kahi ek baar phir se khe do", Karthik begged. "Nahi, saach ... Review more

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Psycho for Love: troy Armstrong eliminated pregnant girlfriend, Belynda Tillery, because he found one more girlfriend and had to make a choice