About Can"t reprimand a Girl because that Trying

"Can"t reference a Girl because that Trying" is the debut solitary by American singer Sabrina Carpenter from she debut prolonged play that the exact same name (2014), offered as the opening track that the EP. The track appears at she debut studio album, Eyes wide Open, offered as the 2nd track that the record. The tune was created by Brian Malouf and also written by Meghan Trainor, Al Anderson and also Chris Gelbuda. The tune was released by Hollywood records as the lead solitary from Can"t reprimand a Girl for Trying on march 14, 2014 ~ above iTunes and was premiered a day prior to exclusively ~ above Radio Disney. "Can"t reference a Girl because that Trying" is a midtempo pop folk song with impacts of popular music music backed by one acoustic guitar. Lyrically, the song speaks around being foolish in love and also making mistakes, yet never blaming those that make them. Follow to Carpenter, the track perfectly defines a thirteen-year-old girl and also a teenage girl. It was accompanied by a music video clip directed by Kinga Burza premiered on she Vevo channel on march 28, 2014. The track won a Radio Disney Music award in the classification "Best like Song" in 2015.more »

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Here ns am again, the exact same old situationWhy go the male thing have to be for this reason complicatedI should"ve play it cool, rather I do a foolOh, the things I do"Cause I"m young and I"m dumbI execute stupid things once it involves loveAnd even if I constantly end increase cryingWell, you can"t reference a girl for trying, oh ohNo, friend can"t reference a girl because that trying, ohI should"ve shut mine mouth, i could"ve maintained it quietI can have freaked him out "cause i was so excitedBut I simply couldn"t wait, ns took a leap of faithOh, the things I say"Cause I"m young and I"m dumbI carry out stupid things when it concerns loveAnd also if I always end increase cryingWell, friend can"t reprimand a girl for trying, oh ohNo, girlfriend can"t blame a girl for trying, five no noAnd ns think occasionally I have tendency to be my own worst enemyAnd probably somedayI"m gonna capture a shoot star falling out of the blueDo what ns doAnd simply as I"m giving up, my heart is palpitatingHere comes one more one and it"s so intoxicatingBeing where I"ve to be I understand that in the endI"ll execute it every again"Cause I"m young and also I"m dumbI perform stupid things when it pertains to loveAnd even if I always end up cryingWell, love will discover me, there ain"t no denyingThat friend can"t blame a girl for trying, oh ohNo, friend can"t blame a girl for trying, hm oh

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Sabrina Carpenter Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter (born may 11, 1999) is an American actress, singer, and also songwriter. She had a recurring function as the young variation of Chloe Goodwin in The Goodwin Games and also starred as Maya Hart in the Disney Channel collection Girl Meets World. She starred as Jenny Parker in 2016 Disney Channel initial Movie Adventures in Babysitting. She is signed come Hollywood Records. Her debut EP Can"t reference a Girl because that Trying to be released in 2014, and also she has because released 2 full-length albums: Eyes broad Open (2015) and also Evolution (2016).

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Her 3rd studio album, Singular: action I, to be released top top November 9, 2018. Much more »