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Week 3 Reflective Journal

Personal finding out Strategies

To prepare because that this journal, return to Chapter 3 and review sections 3.1 and also 3.4, paying cautious attention to Tables 3.10-3.12. Together the publication explains, “Vincent, Cari, and Duane all absence an knowledge of how to be mindful, knowingly learners. …they room not headed for success, since they absence a personalized set of research strategies. Each requires skills to turn their interior thoughts (metacognition) into external actions (personalized learning techniques).” because that this journal, girlfriend will explain what they might have excellent to be successful and identify personalized discovering techniques to be an ext intentional learners. Girlfriend will additionally identify personal learning approaches to assist you it is in a an ext intentional learner. Note: This journal template has actually two components that you must complete.

Part 1

Directions:  Critically testimonial the scenarios of Vincent, Cari, and also Duane in section 3.1 of the book.

(Vincent: S-Avoid, P-Use as Needed, TR-Use First, C-Use together Needed)

Describe two things Vincent can have excellent to be much more successful. Recognize two techniques from the charts in ar 3.4 the he could have provided to to the right (Forge, Intensify, or Tether) his finding out Patterns much more intentionally.

(Cari: S-Use together Needed, P-Use First, TR-Avoid, C-Use together Needed

Describe two points Cari might have excellent to be an ext successful. Determine two tactics from the charts in ar 3.4 that she might have offered to fit (Forge, Intensify, or Tether) her learning Patterns an ext intentionally.

(Duane: S-Use First, P-Use First, TR-Use together Needed, C-Use First)

Describe two things Duane might have excellent to be an ext successful. Recognize two tactics from the charts in ar 3.4 that he can have provided to right (Forge, Intensify, or Tether) his learning Patterns more intentionally.

(Scroll under for part 2.)

Part 2

Directions: Critically review the concept of to the right in section 3.4 as well as the sample techniques in Tables 3.10-3.12. In the graph below, perform the level of usage for each of your discovering Patterns. Then, determine at least one personal learning strategy the can help you forge, intensify, or tether that discovering Pattern based on the level you use that Pattern. Her strategy deserve to come native the tables in ar 3.4 or you deserve to come up through one that much better works because that you, just be certain that you’re utilizing your own words as soon as describing the preferred strategy.

Once completed, you’ll have a table that personalized finding out strategies details to your Pattern combination. Girlfriend are motivated to add to this table together you identify additional strategies that assist you FIT your Patterns.

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Pattern &

Level that Use

Personal learning Strategies


EXAMPLE: Double-check mine answer come be particular I attended to each Sequential word proclaimed in the directions.