Every organization has its rituals and also behavioral patterns. While plenty of of those rituals and patterns indeed have a positive affect on the organization and its people, several of them do more harm than good. Among these fads you need to worry around is casually called the "cover her ass" or CYA phenomenon. Thrust by fear and also a toxic work-related environment, it undermines performance and drives far high performers.

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Vicious circle: It will get more frequent over time

Why must you worry about single cases the CYA behavior in her organization? due to the fact that it is the starting point of producing a toxic organizational culture that will inevitably lead to much more CYA habits (e.g. Barker and also Carter, 1990). As soon as civilization recognize that blaming, finger pointing and destructive politics are a legitimate means of managing problems, at least a component of them will certainly adapt it.

Good civilization will leave: High performers will certainly leave first

Of course, not all employees will obtain accustomed to handle with problems according come the CYA phenomenon. Most probably, there will certainly be civilization in your organization that will certainly leave because they don’t feeling comfortable anymore working in such an environment. Unfortunately, there is a hazard that above average performers leaving first.

Increased absenteeism rate: people get sick and also the hazard of burn-out increases

Last yet not least you will certainly experience rise in the absenteeism rate as world start to acquire mental wellness issues and stay at home because they don"t feeling comfortable at work. As a result, less people must transaction with an ext workload which opens-up the door for exhaustion and burnout.

Why execute people use the CYA phenomenon?

People commonly don’t engage in CYA behavior just because they choose it - except perhaps a minority with devastating personality traits. A sound choice and assessment procedure is the tool of an option to make certain they don"t obtain into an organization from the an extremely beginning.

One of the most important motorists of CYA actions is fear. Human being are simply afraid that the after-effects when they space somehow connected to an problem with a an unfavorable impact ~ above the organization. The an unfavorable effect are afraid has on civilization is usually reinforced by damaging politics and an organizational society that motivates punishment und unhealthy competition.

What have the right to you do against the CYA phenomenon?

There are plenty of ways to make sure people don"t interact in CYA behavior. We have put together a collection of proposal you can conveniently implement in practice.

Frame worries as opportunities 

Issues are finding out opportunities. Once you frame problems in together a way, world will start to look in ~ them native a various angle. This will aid to prevent the an unfavorable touch linked with the problem and also instead will open-up methods to learn and develop.

Be a duty model

Don"t engage in CYA actions yourself, even though others execute it. Once world realize that it harms an organization, they will look for options to address problems. Your approach could it is in the alternative one.

Foster mental safety

When civilization don"t feeling safe in an organization, they will certainly not take it risks and speak-up about issues. This especially uses to teams. Foster mental safety by encouraging energetic listening and creating a safe environment (Amy C. Edmondson and also Zhike Lei, 2014).

Avoid the problem from the really beginning

The easiest way to avoid CYA behavior is to prevent the worry at all. We recognize that this is impossible, but by adhering to our proposal ,your company will start to find out from problems and also avoid your future occurrence. Instead of a vicious cycle, a confident spiral that individual and also organization learning will be the result.

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The CYA phenomenon is a warning authorize that things aren"t walking in the ideal direction in her organization. The previously you define and also implement the appropriate counter-measures, the lower the an unfavorable impact will certainly be on people, culture and performance. Perform not hesitation to acquire in touch if friend need help in emerging your organzation to the next level and also in avoiding a toxicity and an unfavorable work environment.