The most common types of Basketball betting

Basketball betting
February 23, 2023 0 Comments

Basketball is one of the most popular and exciting games in the world, and for bettors, it can be highly profitable. However, before betting on basketball, you must understand how it works and the different bets you can place. Here’s where most beginner players make mistakes and mess up their game before it even starts.

Sportsbooks, such as TonyBet, offer basketball betting options from different leagues, including the NBA and Euro league, to punters. And if you’re a basketball enthusiast, it’s an exciting opportunity to earn while watching your favourite teams play. But you must know the different kinds of basketball bets before you jump right in. And this will be explained in this article.

Types of basketball bets

Types of basketball bets

In sports betting, various basketball betting types guide you in placing bets and winning. Here are the most common types of basketball bets you should know as a new player:

Moneyline bets

This is the simplest type of bet in basketball, and it’s the most beginners opt for, but this doesn’t mean it’s an inferior bet. You’re required to bet on the team you think will win from the two teams playing. So, if the team you pick wins, you win your bet. Yes, it’s that simple. So, it doesn’t matter how the team wins and how many points they exceed their opponent; what matters is that they win. However, if you place your bet and they do not win, you likewise lose your bet and the money you wagered.

Spread bets

Spread bets

This kind of bet is mainly used when one team has a high chance of winning against the other to make betting profitable for players. The bet involves wagering on how many points you think a team will lose or win. First, the sportsbook will provide a prediction of points, and then you have to bet on who will exceed such a prediction. For instance, if the sports book predicts Team A winning by 8 points and the team losing by 8 points, here’s how the spread bet will look like:

  • Team A: -7 (-110)
  • Team B: +7 (-110)

So you can either bet on team A winning by more than 7 points or Team B losing by less than 7 points. Whether or not they lose doesn’t matter as long as they lose fewer than the points provided by the sportsbook. If your predictions are correct, then you win the bet. 

Total bets

Total bets are one of the most popular bets in basketball and are referred to as over/under bets. So, instead of betting on one team winning, you’ll bet on the total score of both teams at the end of the game. This bet is primarily advantageous when you’re not interested in either team but want to make money from betting on them. 

So, the sportsbook will predict the total points scored by both teams at the end of the game. This bet can be either over/under that score. If you think the total points will be lower, then you take the underbet, but if you think they will outperform, you make the overbet.

Basketball has diverse options for players, and these three types of bets will undoubtedly get you started.

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