Tips for winning at slot machines

winning at slot machines
September 15, 2022 0 Comments

Slot machines use internal computers to generate random results each time you pull the lever or press the button. The only thing that the slot player can be sure of is that someone has to win or people would stop playing! However, there are several tips that can help you win the next time you visit a casino and play slot machines.

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Loose slot machines

Slot machines are normally programmed to pay out between 83 and 99% of all money put into the machine. However, only a few of all machines are programmed to pay out between 96 and 99 percent. These machines are called loose machines or “loose slot machines” in English.

Since the chance of winning at slots depends entirely on chance, the best way to win is to find one of these machines that are programmed to pay out more of the turnover as winnings. Watch people play to see which machines seem to pay out more/more often than the others. Ask local players which machines pay out more in their experience. Nothing can replace experience from a casino when it comes to finding the loose machines.

Increased chances of winning on slots at Kindred

 chances of winning

Right now, all casinos belonging to Kindred have increased the winning chance from 96% to 98% from 10 selected slot machine games which are:

  1. Golden Ticket
  2. Super Flip
  3. Troll Hunters
  4. Raging Rex
  5. Leprechaun Goes Egypt
  6. Mermaid’s Diamond
  7. Golden Colts
  8. Wild North
  9. Prosperity Palace
  10. Star Joker

This is how you have the chance to play with a higher chance of winning on slots for the first time since the Swedish license was introduced for online casinos.

Do not give up

The bigger the jackpot on a machine, the harder it is to win. A machine that pays 10,000 sek in jackpot will require a bigger bankroll to win the jackpot is a machine that has a jackpot that is only worth 1000 sek. Sooner or later the machine must pay out a jackpot. If you really want to win the jackpot, the best thing you can do is stay at a machine and play without giving up until you hit the jackpot. However, it is important to remember that it is chance that decides and it can be expensive before you win the jackpot. You may well spend more than the jackpot is worth before you win it.

Play according to the odds

Play according to the odds

If you see someone win the jackpot on a slot machine, don’t assume that that machine won’t pay out a jackpot again for a long time. That machine is just as likely to pay out a jackpot on the next spin as any other machine. Avoid thinking that it is the machines that have not paid out a jackpot for a long time that are more likely to let someone win a jackpot. It is statistically not true and it happens that slots pay out two different jackpots on two consecutive spins. The best thing you can do to win is to find the machines that seem to pay more than the others and then stick with them.


Local players can be a great source of information to help you win at slots, but employees can also often help you find winning machines. Ask casino floor staff such as hosts and waitstaff which machines they generally see people winning the most money on. If an employee gives you good advice, give them a good tip if the casino’s policy allows tipping. If you win big as a result of an employee’s advice, you should definitely tip the employee again.

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