Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo's Quest
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Join adventurer Gonzo on his quest for lost treasure. He travels across sea and land, through jungles and dark temples in search of riches. You can join him in Gonzo’s Quest and spin the magic symbols!

It’s hard to say exactly what made Gonzo’s Quest so incredibly popular and successful. Maybe it was Gonzo himself who constantly featured in various promotions at the online casinos, or maybe it was his silly moonwalk dance that he performs with every big win. No serious casino player avoids at least trying this slot!

Gonzo’s Quest slot review

On June 1, 2010, NetEnt launched Gonzo’s Quest (oh, was it really that long ago?). It is no exaggeration to say that the game has since reached the same cult status as Starburst. You recognize the board as it consists of 5 x 3 rows. Gonzo’s Quest has no reels, but here the symbols fall into place. It also means more symbols trickle down as old ones disappear, and thus chain reactions can be activated.

The theme is South America, but Gonzo is much nicer than the Spanish were when they conquered the continent – he’s just out for a little profit and doesn’t bite a fly! It is of course a video slot (as the vast majority of slot machines are these days) with 20 paylines. The minimum bet is SEK 2 and the maximum is 500. The maximum you can win on a spin is 1,875 times the bet.

Gonzo’s Quest is an old game, and it shows in the bonus features: there are only wilds, multipliers, scatters and free spins. Compared to today’s modern games, Gonzo seems a bit ancient, but we gamers still like it…don’t we? The RTP is 96% even and the volatility is medium.

Gonzo’s Quest free spins

Gonzo's Quest free spins

The bonus features are very simple. During the main game, you should look out for the question marks as they act as wilds, as well as the golden symbols (scatters). The game has a multiplier that increases every time you hit a payline. During the main game it can reach x5 at most, but during Gonzo’s Quest free spins it can climb all the way up to x15!


Nothing special to mention here really, as wilds work like in most other games you’ve seen. They help form paylines as they can take the form (also graphically in this game) of any other symbol except the scatter.

Scatters, free spins and respins

Spin three golden symbols and it’s time for the free spins round! To be fair, these are called “Free Falls” in Gonzo’s Quest because the game lacks wheels, but for the sake of simplicity we will use the term free spins or free spins. You start with ten pieces but can win respins during the bonus round.

The special thing about the free spins in this slot is that they have their own multiplier. It starts at x3, then with each win moves up according to the following pattern: x6, x9 and finally x15. If you want to even come close to the game’s maximum win, you have to go up to x15!

Gonzo’s Quest jackpot

Gonzo’s Quest has no jackpot, however, a maximum win of 1,875 times the bet. If you bet SEK 500 and get the maximum payout, you will reach almost SEK 1 million, but of course the chance of getting there is about as small as winning a jackpot!

RTP and volatility

With an RTP of 96%, Gonzo manages just above our threshold for what is acceptable. Return To Player is a theoretical number that should explain how generous a game is, but is often not very cooperative with reality. The reason is that the RTP is based on all spins made on the game over a long period of time, and not spins by a single player during half an hour. So don’t count on getting back SEK 96 per hundred bet every time you play, if they say so…

Then we have the volatility which in our opinion is more interesting. In a low volatility game, you can expect to win often, but not very much. If you think of low volatility as a straight and even line, high volatility is a line that goes up and down a lot. Gonzo’s Quest volatility is medium.

Best casinos to play Gozno’s Quest at

play Gozno's Quest

If a Swedish casino does not have Gonzo’s Quest today, it is not a real casino! This game has EVERYONE, that’s how popular and big it is. Here are five examples where you can join Gonzo on his quest for Eldorado:

  • Pop
  • Pronto Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Thrills
  • No Account Casino

Gonzo’s Quest on mobile

Not only does it work on mobile, it also has a specially developed version called Gonzo’s Quest Touch. The game works just as well vertically as it does horizontally, and it doesn’t matter what phone you have – as long as it’s smart.

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